dhb Classic Micro Roubaix jersey.

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I promise to keep it under 1000 words. It’s just a jersey, but a really nice one. And it has some added value at this time of year. This is a short sleeve jersey from dhb’s classic range. With the introduction of their essential range that makes it a step up from the bottom. But, as I’ve said before, it’s not budget. It’s just a different orientation to something like the Aeron or Aeron race.

The first thing to say is that this jersey fitted me perfectly well in a large. It’s still sufficiently clingy to be form fitting and to ensure that there’s little or no flapping at speed. For reference, or by way of reminder, I’m currently a 41″ chest. I did have to size up for the Aeron jerseys. That’s sometimes an annoyance, having to decipher the correct size across the same manufacturer, but Wiggle’s return policy does make it easy to order 2 and return the wrong size.

The second thing is that this is a roubaix jersey. Seriously. It’s made for those spring rides, or even summer mornings, when you want a bit of added warmth. And in that respect it’s pretty succesful.


So, first things first, it’s a pretty classic design. It only comes in this colour incidentally. The non roubaix classic jersey adds in some other colour choices if that’s what you want. It’s cut a bit longer than, for example, the Aeron jersey and comes down quite a long way even when tucked. There’s still no bulging present and the overall fit is very good. The zip has a ridge either side so there’s a bit of extra protection in that area.


Round the back it’s business as usual with three pockets and a zipped valuables one. There’s a little bit of reflective material at the bottom and the dhb logo is reflective as well. But it’s the material that’s interesting. Normally roubaix backed long sleeves are a meshy type affair. Not this one. As you can see from the pics below it’s an almost a silky type affair. It has a bit of a sheen to it. It’s nice to the touch externally. It’s quite a dense weave and I’m off the view that it adds a little how much wind does (or does not get through). But it remains very breathable.


But it’s the internal lining that provides the real warmth. It really is micro roubaix, a tiny fleecy structure that lines the entire inside. And it works, I wore it on a ride that fluctuated between 8 and 10 degrees which cannot really be described as short sleeve weather. I partnered it with the Aeron base layer and eschewed any arm warmers. That was probably an error. My arms were cold. But my body was not such was the warmth provided. Let’s be clear, it may not be suitable for everyone and if the temps are constantly hovering at around 8 with no prospect of sunny periods then you may feel the chill. But in the spring like conditions I tested it in it was very agreeable indeed.


Construction is first rate as I’ve come to expect from dhb products. There’s the addition apparently of an anti bacterial treatment (I’ve seen that in bibs but it’s not awfully common in jerseys). It’s also rated to UPF 30+.

It’s a pretty versatile piece this. I doubt you’d be at any risk of overheating until well into the upper teens. After that it might be a bit warmer than a lightweight jersey but there we are. For spring and late summer riding it’s just the ticket, particularly since our climate appears to be on the change.

Price? £45 or £39.60 with platinum discount. As jerseys go that’s terrific value to start with. Factor in that extra bit of warmth and versatility and this may well be considered an essential wardrobe piece. Add in something like the dhb regulate arm warmers and perhaps pack the dhb classic windproof gilet in just in case and you could spend all day doing some top level cafe riding in this kit. dhb continue to impress.

(681 words if you were interested, see it can be done).

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