dhb Aeron Roubaix jersey, this is how it all began.

The dhb Aeron range was why I started this blog. That and constantly writing all over the internet giving advice to people what to buy. I thought it would be best to collect my thoughts in once place. So my first piece was about the Aeron winter range. And I look back on it now and wonder how on earth I managed to write so little! It’s difficult to pick out one particular piece as being amazing from that review but over 4 months of usage the Aeron jersey continues to impress. I’ve used it for commuting, racing and pootling. It stands up well to abuse and is just a brilliant little jersey. It was £40 when I bought it. Yes, £40.

Ok, it’s a bit more at the moment. £48 to be exact. But that’s still pretty cheap in the world of spring/autumn thermal jerseys. Indeed, with a bit of layering and a gilet you can use this on quite a lot of winter days. It’s available in two colours, black/grey and black/orange. There was a blue/green option but that seems to have been discontinued (sold out). Don’t take my word for it as being good, head over to Wiggle and have a look. It’s 5 star rated over 45 reviews with the worst (1 of them) still being 3 stars. That’s impressive. And it’s interesting. I’ve no doubt that we tweak our expectations based on value. So if something is technical and aesthetically pleasing we are happy to pay more but, perhaps, we expect more. If something is cheap then do we judge it more favourably as a result? Everything is subjective and complex.

So, what makes this jersey special? You know what, nothing at all. And everything at the same time. It’s just a combination of basic things done well. It feels right. Actually, what it feels like is an Assos Tiburu. There are a number of similarities with that particular piece and I’ll come back to those a little later. For reference that garment retails for about £185. The comparison isn’t entirely fair. The Tiburu is described as a jacket rather than a jersey and is probably better at really low temps, indeed I think that the Tiburu is rather underrated. But the distinction between jackets and jerseys nowadays is pretty blurred. It’s not as good, overall, as the Assos but, of course, you can buy 4 of them for the same price.


So that’s how it looks. The inner grey is perhaps more black than the photos suggest. Blame the flash for washing it out. But I wanted to get a shot of that reflective stuff. You can see that the front waistband is pretty run of the mill elastic stitching and that the rear portion is a slightly more high tech rubber band. Notice also that the side strips have a ribbed like structure. You can see that rib in the photo below. The side section is just to the right of the label. Clearly, the intent there is for those portions of the jersey that are ribbed to be a little more breathable.


You can see (below) how it runs down the central section. It’s an interesting setup. The material is lighter and aerier than the rest of the roubaix backed section. There’s some similarity there with the type of material that you can see in the tk.607 (Assos) bibknickers and the Tiburu. That similarity is only internal though as the Assos fabric outer is clearly more orientated towards protection from the elements. Nevertheless it’s an interesting feature and my experience of it is that it offers breathability (you don’t get too sweaty in this) and maintains insulation even in the areas that require more of that breathability.


Round the back it’s business as usual. 3 pockets, a central zipped one and a reflective patch across the pockets. You can also see how wide the rubber band section at the bottom is. It’s very capable of making sure the jersey sits where you put it.


The enclosed zipped pocket has a waterproof coating inside so it should make protecting your valuables that bit better. It’s both sides as well so any muck or water coming up from your wheels is not going to ingress.


It’s bang on true to size, depending on how you like your fit. I’d originally had an XL and, whilst clingy, it was a little bigger. Now, at 41″ chest, I own the large and it’s suitably racy and aero. If you don’t like your clothing too close then just get the next size up. The nature of the fabric means that it will still be clingy but a little more generous. The fit is excellentt and none of that tummy bulging is present whilst in the tuck position. It just works.

Perhaps my only criticism of this one is that it’s black. But that’s just a choice. If you want the protection of fluro (I should probably write about that) then get the black and orange one. It’s pretty searing visually but still miles away from boring old high vis.

It’s a versatile piece and should see you right through to summer. It’s perhaps the most comfortable long sleeve I’ve worn. And it’s £48.

So, back to that. How do we divorce value from performance? Is it good because it’s £48? Or is it good regardless of it. What should we pay for it? Does it even matter. I don’t think it does, really. Get one before they run out. Wear it and enjoy it. If they drop the price in a few weeks to make way for summer, get another one. You cannot go wrong.

And that’s it. The last of my dhb reviews for a while as I’ve covered most of the suite now. There are currently 8 drafts sitting in my draft box. On with the show.

3 thoughts on “dhb Aeron Roubaix jersey, this is how it all began.

    1. Damn them! That’s been cheap for ages. It’s still showing as £52 for me with platinum. Which is still more expensive than it was. It is properly good but makes it that bit harder. Tell you what mind. Head over to Chapeau and have a look at their bundle. That LS jersey looks amazing and bundled with tights at £100 is a steal. I’m still trying to get my hands on some Stolen Goat. Will try again today………….


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