Lusso Corsa rain jersey

Sorry, another one. They’re all the rage see and it does rain a lot. Indeed, I’m going to put together a round up and discuss the “death of the rain jacket” shortly. So, off the back of my recent Perfetto test, here’s another one. It’s a bit cheaper as well. Can it give the mighty scorpion a run for its money?

I’m actually a bit fed up of rain jerseys now. Not because they’re not any good, far from it. But I need to go out in the rain to test them. I’m fed up of rain……though, just as I’ve written this, we’ve had 2 days of mid twenties heat. Or Summer as they call it in Wales.

Corsa is, of course, Italian for race. When the Lusso Corsa arrived that’s immediately what I thought. It’s more race wear than endurance wear. Not that it won’t do both. But there’s a real lightness to this one. It’s more jersey than any of the others that describe themselves as such. And possibly a bit more versatile. It weighs (size large) a shade over 200g. For comparison the Castelli Perfetto comes in at 257g. That’s a quite substantial saving and gives you some idea of its stated intent and its potential versatility.

Lusso claim that this is an “aero-fit” garment or, to you and I, it’s a tight fit with no flappy bits. It’s also described as being windproof and waterproof, lightweight and breathable. It’s made from “Italian fabric.”

But what fabric? It appears to be our old friend Windtex as seen in Parentini’s Mossa but, this time, a much lighter version of it. As I’ve explained before Windtex is a waterproof membrane. This Windtex lite cuts down on a lot of the weight without sacrificing wet weather performance. It’s a versatile piece and could see you down to single figures (with the appropriate base layer). It’s not intended for wearing at really low temperatures.

Fit on this is excellent which contrasts starkly with my experience of the Castelli Perfetto. (though that may have been a one off). My Large is perfect on my 41″ chest but, crucially, it tapers less sharply into the waist. I measured the waist section at 34″ inches all round compared to the 30″ of the Perfetto. While it’s difficult to compare a brand/size I do feel that the Castelli tapered way too much from the starting point of a 41″ chest fit.


You’ll note that the arms are quite long. They terminate just above the elbow. The other great thing about the Corsa is that it’s part of Lusso’s nitelife range so when you get caught in car headlights this is what they see.


It’s remarkably effective and, of course, continues at the rear as well. Sticking an arm out to indicate works as a virtual indicator. Black is the only colour available.

Not all of the jersey is made from windtex. There are fabric parts which provide for greater breathability. You can make them out, I hope, in the picture below. So you have a small fabric section under the arm which then runs down the side of the jersey. Other than that everything is “enclosed.” It’s a good approach, rain is unlikely to make its way to those areas easily because they’re shielded by you. And while it stops short of a full vent it’s still effective in keeping the jersey breathable.


The collar is quite high and fairly generous. The Perfetto felt a bit tight in this area but the Corsa is a better cut on me. It’s good to see a zip garage present to ward off any chin rub.


Round the back and it’s all present and accounted for. There are three main pockets which don’t sag at all. The fourth waterproof zipped pocket is a decent size and will take a reasonably sized smartphone but probably not a phablet. Lusso have added a central reflective strip making this one of the better articles of clothing I’ve tested in relation to headlight visibility.


Taking a leaf out of the Gabba playbook the pockets have drain holes so any water that runs down your back will find its way out. Once again you can see the nitelife strip at the bottom. That strip has rubberised backing on both the waist and arms so there should be no issues keeping everything sitting where it should.


You can wear it how you like but it does work better with a base layer, so Lusso sent me the one that they recommended wearing with it. It’s a polypro material, specifically our old friend Dryarn and works extremely well even if it does have shades of Bennett from Commando about it. The sleeves are very thin elastic grippers and that works well because the length of the base layer sleeves is more or less identical to the sleeves of the jersey. So the arms on this grip you and the grippers on the jersey grip the gripper section. You don’t have to wear this one of course. If you don’t then you may just find the arms on your existing base layer not quite as long but it will still work perfectly well. I’d advise polypro rather than merino because it has better wicking properties in this setup.


Obviously this is a short sleeve so won’t keep you totally warm in single figures or driving nasty rain. So, to extend your protection you can partner it with a pair of Lusso repel arm warmers. They’re made from the same material as the main jersey so you’re getting all round water protection. Like the jersey there’s a small fabric insert round the back for added breathability. I found the fit on these to be outstanding and, crucially, not too long.


In terms of the “bowl” test you can see just how waterproof the fabric is here. And once you eject the water there’s nothing really left on the membrane at all, testament to the DWR treatment.


None of this really matters though. All that’s important is whether it works. Well, I’m happy to report it does, and them some. It was rubbish here earlier in the week so I had a good opportunity to test it in the conditions it was designed for. It does what it says on the tin. Useable range for this is excellent. I had it on in monsoon conditions (think wet and humid/warm) and cooler damp ones. I never overheated and never got cold. Unlike the Perfetto I could happily move the zip down without my chest ejecting itself through the front. So whilst it lacks the clever back of the Perfetto it’s still very breathable when done up and if you really need to vent it’s easy to pull the zip down for a while. Indeed, it’s just like a proper jersey really though obviously a slightly different overall feel.

The drop tail is excellent. It’s not an additional piece as you’d see on the Gabba/Perfetto where you can tuck it inside if you want. It’s just a longer back. You can sit on it but I prefer to let it drape itself over the saddle. The pockets are good and I found getting stuff in and out a little easier than the Perfetto as well. I’ve no idea why though I suspect much is to do with the elasticity and construction of the material that runs along the top of the pockets.

A colleague remarked that it looked a bit like a seal skin. I think there’s some truth in that and like skin it’s both waterproof and breathable. Obviously anything intended to be waterproof and which attempts to deal with warmth or tempo riding will not be the last word in breathability but it did an excellent job and after a 2 1/2 hour ride (in alternating damp and downpour conditions) I was only slightly damp from my own sweat. The base layer was pretty dry as well indicating that the sweat had moved away from me and out through the jersey. Temperatures look to drop again next week so I can have a look at how this deals with the early morning 6-8 degrees in the rain. I don’t expect any issues and will check out how it works with varying weights of base layer.

In terms of washing there is a DWR treatment so don’t forget to wash it with non bio and re-treat when you need to. In my experience these treatments do last for quite a while. Unlike others windtex remains waterproof so while water may not bead as effectively it still won’t get in.

Top little jersey this and, frankly, good value at a rrp of £95. For virtually 4 season usability it’s a top wardrobe addition.

Click to buy the rain jersey

Click to buy the short sleeve base layer

Click to buy the repel arm warmers (if you didn’t already!)

35 thoughts on “Lusso Corsa rain jersey

  1. The Stolen Goat Orkaan was available yesterday on the wiggle pricedrop page (incidently there is a lot good ASSOS stuff on there) in my size for around about £52 but I thought I would wait for your review on the Lusso. The Orkaan has gone, but your review convinces me that the Lusso is possibly the best option for me in rainy but relatively mild conditions. A few questions, however, is it similar in its sizing and fit to the Mossa and would you describe it like a” Mossa lite”?


    1. Yes. I think so. Though the Mossa short sleeve is, effectively, Mossa lite in some ways. I’d think that Orkaan was lighter again, it being more like the Rapha shadow (fibres treated to DWR at source etc). So this will always be a bit warmer by its very nature. I really like it. I’d probably opt to “get wet” if it was 18 with a chance of a shower. But 14 degrees, damp, cool and likely steady rain it’s a good option. Shop around a bit and you can find it a tenner cheaper. Any good base layer should do. So a good value option. Size wise it’s just entirely normal!


      1. If it can be bought for a tenner less elsewhere – then is it worth asking for a “special bender” discount code for your avid readers from the lusso website (all it has to do is match elsewhere).
        A cheeky ask I know – but its good to see a homegrown company produce quality products in the UK and at the same time be able generate interest in it.

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  2. I know it’s an incentive for those of us larger framed gents to lose weight, but I always think it’s a shame that there don’t seem to be manufacturers who design this sort of technical gear for people who don’t naturally taper. When I try these sorts of tops I find that if they fit on the chest they are rather ‘strained’ across the waist, and if I choose a size that fits at the waist there is always a lot of bagging across the chest.

    I think we’re an untapped market for this sort of clothing 🙂


    1. I think what gets missed is that once you move beyond a 40″ chest the rest of the body is rarely triangular unless your Mario. And whilst I could certainly stand to lose an inch or two on my waist I’d be down to a 38″ chest and the problem in terms of ratio would repeat. The Lusso is one of the truest garments I’ve tested. Still a form fit across the chest because otherwise you’ll get baggy stomach fit. But very good.


  3. I’m deciding whether to wear my recently arrived Corsa on the commute tomorrow – rainy day at about 10°C predicted for Belfast – but the jersey feels so light I’m not convinced it’ll keep me warm. I wear large in Castelli comfortably and 6ft with 39ish chest the Lusso in medium is a perfect fit. Tighter than my Gabba but having seen that the mossa works best skin tight I figured that was the way to go with this type of jersey. It does feel quite cheap it’s so light and the zip garage is not as substantial as some of my Rapha stuff – how does the Corsa compare with the Perfetto in terms of build quality and material?

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    1. I wouldn’t worry about the lightness. That’s just the lighter material. It’s windproof so just add a hardier Base Layer. I’m using mine tomorrow in similar conditions. Build quality is the equal of the perfetto. Material lighter but just as effective.


  4. I’m enjoying your reviews and considering how many similar items you’ve reviewed I think a roundup of wet weather jerseys would be well received.

    I’m waiting on a refund from Wiggle as I returned Sportful NeoExtreme Fiandre short sleeve. It seemed good on my usual 30 minute commute but used it in a persistently wet 80 minute ride and it failed to keep me dry. Looking in the comments on the Road CC review of the jacket show I’m not the only one whose found this and in addition apparently the pockets fall apart.

    Shame as I’ve been impressed with my other Sportful gear.

    So I’m on the lookout for a replacement. I run hot and one of your comments elsewhere drew me to the Lusso.

    Obviously considering the Mossa too but the lack of dealers near me is slightly off putting and it seems that these newer garments rely somewhat on polypropylene base layers of which I only have one. Mainly use merino.

    Certainly going to have a look online retailers and the Lusso though.

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    1. Thanks Darren. Fragility does seem common with the Sportful which is weird as Castelli are generally bombproof (same group of companies). I hope to do a round up soon though some might have to be on theory rather than practice! I wouldn’t worry about poly pro per se. A good wicking base layer will still work effectively. I would avoid merino with the rain proof stuff just because it’s slightly less wicking (slightly). You can get some decent poly pro stuff for little money


      1. Yes shame about the Sportful jacket.

        Just looked at the price of the Lusso. Seems I could pick it up for about £85. I’m expecting a full refund from Wiggle on the Sportful so the Lusso is well within my £160 budget, should leave me with spare for a couple of base layers. Might even be able to afford the arm warmers although I have a pair of Sportful No Rain which with well.

        If I remember correctly you were pretty keen on the new DHB Aeron base layer which I think was polypropylene?


  5. OK, if you were to buy one, which would you choose between the Lusso Corsa and Perfetto, Not too keen on all black on the road. It’s a pity Lusso doesn’t do it in the same blue as their long sleave Aqua Repel, though I understand from Lusso that has a heavier weight fabric.

    I’ve also considered Endura Classic Equipe with arm warmers included, which I’ve tried on and is also black but with green drop tail and is a great bargain at present. It seems to have a very high degree of breathablility, with the same level of waterproofnes as Mossa. It is light and very stretchy, more so than the perfetto and the Lusso Aqua Repel and Mossa. (I’ve tried on all four and prefer the fit of the British made kit, though I’d probly fit the Castelli in XXL , whereas L in the others fit) But the Endura has more of a shiny surface. Compromise, compromise. Used to be undecided, but now I’m not so sure.


    1. I’ve no experience of the Endura but it’s been tested my movistar, comes up well on the washing machine post and is heavily discounted. It looks pretty good to be fair. How much better or worse it is that the others will always be marginal. Of the two “lighter” rain jerseys I’ve tested I’d choose the Corsa over the Castelli as it fits properly. If one takes an XL in an Alpha then a Perfetto in XL SHOULD fit pretty much the same. But that taper was insane. No such issues with the Corsa. So, I’d choose that. But it’s hard to look beyond that Endura at those prices even untested (by me)


  6. I’ve had the Corsa on for few commutes this week and a 35 miler this afternoon. Very windproof, like the fact it has a zip pocket, why don’t Castelli do this more? I’m wearing a medium and fitted really well on and off the bike, unfortunately I’ve found it rides up my back-is the tail too short? And causes material to bunch up around my shoulders which causes it flap really noisily, ok it was windy today but listening to such a tight garment flap is really annoying. Regarding waterproofness it doesn’t bead when rain lands on it but you just don’t notice it, no cold chill or wetness when riding through a steady rain shower for 20 mins. I’ve been wearing it with a craft extreme ss and it’s just right for early morning 8-10°c but the base layer was too much when the temp rose to 14° it was just too warm when climbing. It will be my go to jersey for days where the weather is windy, a chance of some rain and the temp is between 9 and 15° and when I go out in the morning and it’s cool but the temp will rise to above 15° I’ll stick on a lighter jersey and gillet.


    1. Glad to hear your thoughts Amack. I tend to agree on the temps but it’s good to know you can survive a bit higher if need be. I’d drop the Craft mind and go for something like the dhb Aeron seamless. My tail seems fine but I do get the billow IF I open the zip on a descent. Close it and it’s fine. I got got to thinking about Bernoulli and fabrics this week. That’s probably worth a piece in itself.


      1. Ha! That’s it, I had it unzipped for about 2″, the craft is good but you’re right too warm for the current weather, I’ll check out the dhb equivalent, thanks.

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  7. Just found my Corsa back left pocket coming apart at the seams. Disappointed as its only been used 5 or 6 times. Thread also unraveling on the bottom stitching of the pocket too.


      1. Just noticed it today and emailed Vanilla bikes with a photo of the faults. I await their response, hopefully they’ll refund. Not convinced it wouldn’t happen again though, but I’ll see what vanilla bikes say.

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      2. Good luck with getting a refund.

        I had a similar issue with Wiggle and the Sportful Fiandre Neo Extreme.

        If the product is not fit for purpose you should be entitled to a refund my. Wiggle gave me a full refund.

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