The Pedla: socks from down under

Before I wrote this I had to check the rules. I was quite content in my recollection that you can wear whatever damn colour socks you like but I had to check what they say about sock length. It’s a bit controversial apparently.

Let’s start by saying that socks are not optional. People who don’t wear socks generally enjoy a swim and a run either side of their cycling. Those people should be shunned for the rules demand that it is so.

The rules on sock length aren’t quite so clear. They’re lumped in with the rule on short length. Each are required to be Goldilocks. Just right. I like a short(er) short. But I don’t mind a longer sock. Not at all despite my not exactly lengthy legs.

Continuing my desire for my blog to sample a global cornucopia of cycling gear these socks hail all the way from Australia and are produced by the Pedla. In the time that I’ve been writing this blog it’s been pretty eye opening in terms of the sheer number of companies out there competing for our hard earned cash. I guess it should come as no surprise though given just how many of us cyclists there are globally and just now many more of us there are to come.

The Pedla hail from Melbourne and have been around for a few years now. Once again they sit at the more premium end of the market and use some pretty high end stuff in the construction of their garments, fabrics from swiss firm schoeller and italian firm miti along with pads from the venerable cytech. Miti are actually responsible for the brand roubaix and super roubaix, that fleece which you find in your winter clothing and which the name of this blog references at least in part. Indeed given that they are a relatively new start up it’s interesting to see just how the Pedla have used some cutting edge technical fabrics in much of their clothing range.

The range itself is a pretty distinctive one and there’s a clear branding theme running through the lot. There’s a neat line in urban camo (yes, I checked the rules about this) but far better looking colours than some other brands that might be mentioned. There are some plain(er) jerseys if that’s the look that you want to go with. There’s a nice range of “peak motif” clothing as well. The Pedla “dots” are present as a constant design feature across the range.

I’ve been testing these Pedla Spinner’s Socks for a week or so now. I was given the red, pink and blue to test. There’s a yellow, black and white version and also a rather fetching peaks version that matches the rest of the peaks branded range.


There’s actually quite a bit of tech going on according to the packaging. The overall mix is coolmax, lycra and nylon. A bit eclectic as it goes. But what you’re getting is a fairly lightweight but, ultimately, a durable and supporting sock. Just touching on a few points. The complete absence of seams is great and these are just superbly comfortable. So much so I’ve been wearing them with trainers and jeans as well as using them for cycling. They are marked left and right so don’t get them mixed up as they are anatomically shaped for best fit. And that compression? Yep, all present. These won’t wrinkle, they won’t fall down and if compression socks have any of the benefits claimed then these should do that as well, even if it will only be for 6 inches.


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Before we discuss what they’re like let’s talk about that length issue. These are 6 inch socks. That’s pretty high as you can see below.



Much will depend on whether you like long socks. As it happens, I do. There’s a nice design running through these from the front dot design to the Pedla logo running down the back. Why are the words at the back of the sock? Because you will always be in front of the people reading them and if you are not, make it so.


So, they’re very well constructed. They look good. They’re absolutely bang on/off fashion depending on your taste. Are they any good to wear?

Yes, is the simple answer. They have a lovely compression to them and, despite their apparent weight I’ve had no problems with my feet overheating in them. Indeed, I’ve used them into the 20-23c range so far. I suspect, having also worn them at about 10c, they’re pretty versatile in relation to their range as well. In fact I reckon they might make a good spring or autumn sock as well.

They’re probably not a high summer, mountain climbing sock depending on your point of view. Personally I don’t suffer sweaty feet and, for me, the need for mesh lightweight sock in the summer is a little overstated. The coolmax element of these socks will keep you cool in even the hottest conditions. Let’s face it, it would be weird for an Australian company to make a misstep with the temperature range of their socks.

Above all they look like they’ll last for years. Too often that box fresh pristine feel disappears as soon as you wash them. Not here, these look as good coming out of the washing machine as they did going in. I’m taking care, as I do with all my kit, to dry them naturally.

If you want to buy these then you can order directly from Australia, though postage might be a little prohibitive and returns not quite as easy. So my best advice to you is to head over to Always Riding. If you’re not familiar with that company then they do some great stuff that you may not always have heard of. And in terms of customer support and despatch they are up there with the very best indeed.

The price of these is £16.99 and that might make you baulk a little. It is a high price tag for a pair of mere socks. Thing is, it’s not actually all that unusual in the premium sock market. I happen to think that their clear durability marks them out as being worth spending that little bit more.

So, the big question is, which colour for the Velothon Wales this coming Sunday? Well, now there’s a thing. The rules at least imply but arguably demand co-ordination. My charity sponsored kit is purple. I’m definitely wearing the Pedla socks so it’s a choice between the blue and the pink. I reckon I can carry off the latter. Pink it is.

Oh, update, did a bit of research and came across this guide. Nails it and the Pedla are bang on pro.

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