Tokyo Fixed Classic Jersey

I don’t necessarily rush out and buy stuff once I’ve reviewed it, though most of the time I’d like to. It’s just that funds don’t really allow it. And I have to reserve funds to ensure a nice breadth of reviews for you guys. So the fact that I don’t write a huge amount of follow up pieces on specific brands is no slight on them. When I choose to do one, you can bet there’s a reason.

And this review of the Tokyo Fixed Classic Jersey follows on from my previous review of their really rather lovely Tokyo Fixed Second Wave Jersey and Bibshorts. I was impressed and I was enthused. Indeed, I was about to order the Arrows jersey (and I probably still will) when  I came across the Classic Jersey reduced to £49.99. That’s a steal, frankly. Though, unless you’re quick, it’s about to be sold out entirely and is only available in XXL (so good for about a 42″ chest).

I wanted this jersey because, well, the review one had to go back and I really rather liked it. Loved it in fact. So when I got the chance to get all that performance at almost half the price I jumped at it. Turns out, this one’s even better.


It’s not necessarily a colour way that I’d automatically go for. But it’s definitely classic and not showy. It’s a very clean design. The fit is exceptional. I still ordered an XL and it’s still rather race fit (I’m down to about a 39″ chest now) but it’s not like body paint. Indeed it’s very comfortable indeed. So comfortable in fact that it’s supplanted the Assos Mille jersey in my go to for comfort stakes. That’s impressive.

The detailing is subtly different from the wave jersey. For a start the arms are unique. I don’t think I’ve come across this sort of thing before.


It looks like it might be scratchy. It isn’t, not in the slightest. It’s sufficiently well sized to grip well. You can see that the under arm segment, which extends down the arm, is made of a more ventilated perforated fabric. It’s lush.


The collar is a nice height and the one thing I really like about the Tokyo Fixed jerseys is that you can do them up all the way to the top without cutting your circulation off. Indeed they  look best done up all the way. Even when done up on a climb you don’t feel like you’re overheating. The zips are excellent.


There’s a giant elastic band up the front, silicone round the inside of the back whilst the back itself is just elasticated. It’s interesting how different makes use different methods. The Assos Mille reverses this setup but both work equally well in my view.


The back is pretty standard fare. The white section is more meshy, like the sides and underarms. There are three pockets and no zipped ones. There are no reflectives, but this is a summer jersey through and through. It does everything with the minimum of fuss.


Quality is first rate. Not just for a £49 jersey. Not even for a (RRP) £69 jersey. It’s great full stop. The stitching is arrow straight and it feels like it will last.

I’ll be honest. I ordered it because it was half the price of the Arrow jersey that I wanted. I figured it would be as good. And it is. Indeed, it might actually be slightly better but that’s a marginal thing.

What I do know is that it’s the best jersey I own in terms of comfort, fit and feel. Indeed, it’s beyond Assos in relation to all of those things.

Short review? Yeah. But that’s fine. This is my go to jersey now. The one that I wear on the special days. It’s great value, it fits perfectly and feels special. For now it’s top of the tree. I think I’ll probably get that Arrow one anyway. Just in case there are two special days in a row.

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