Shutt Velo Rapide Pro Performance Jersey and Bibshorts, they’re back baby!

That’s one hell of a well priced bundle!

It’s all about the sequels nowadays. And the remakes and the re-imaginings. There’s just nothing new. Old stuff keeps getting dragged up and brought back. Some of it is successful, some of it is not. There’s nothing new under the sun. But sometimes it’s good to see something that you fondly remember make a triumphant return.

Shutt Velo Rapide are back. I hope you noticed that they went away. But it’s great to welcome them back because it’s great to see them back and doing what they always did so well, produce thoughtful, well designed kit that just worked. I remember my first Shutt VR long sleeve signature jersey, a quite lovely thing. I’d still have it if I wasn’t quite so much a kit tart who’s always selling stuff on to fund the purchase of new stuff. Good news for buyers mind as my kit is always mint.

This week I’ve been testing the Pro Performance Jersey and Bibs, one of the first out of the blocks of Shutt’s new range. Since receiving it they’ve gone a bit mad with new things such as jackets, gilets, base layers etc. I can’t wait to see what else they get into the new range. It’s bloody good to have them back.

Shutt Velo Rapide Pro Performance Jersey


Let’s start off by saying it’s red, really red. There’s nothing worse than half arsed red in my book, being a proud welshman, so this really ticks all the boxes.

The retail price is £89.00 which is pretty damn good for a “pro level” jersey in my book. Obviously you get a discount if you buy it as part of the bundle I linked to at the start of this piece. In terms of sizing this is a matter of pick your usual size for a pro fit or the size up for a slightly more forgiving fit. So, in my case, at roughly 39-40 chest, I’m actually wearing the XL. I could almost certainly get away with the large and get a bit more aero with it but I’m quite happy with the size that I tested as being that bit more relaxed. It’s a properly good fit with no unsightly bulging in the tummy area despite me sizing up.

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The main body of the jersey is a smooth feeling lycra while the back is a meshy affair. And in terms of venting and performance it works really well. I took it out on some nice hill climbing sessions and never once got hot in it. Indeed this might turn out to be one of my go to choices for the Marmotte 2017. It fits the bill of a hot weather jersey nicely.

I’ve always liked Shutt’s unique colour branding and, as you’ll see below, this jersey co-ordinates very nicely with the matching bibshorts. The arm grippers are nicely sized in my view, not too tight. If you’re blessed with a larger bicep, ideal. If you have a skinner one then a bit looser but a lot of that can be taken care of with getting the right size.

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Round the front you have the usual rubber gripper to hold the waist in place and a nice big rubber band affair for the sleeves. You’ll note that the stitching is excellent and that this is once again a very high quality garment from Shutt.

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Round the back and that pocket detailing provides the Shutt branding together with reinforcement for the rather deep pockets. This is actually quite a long jersey overall and that’s reflected in the pockets. You can see just how meshy the mesh section is and that helps with the cooling.

It’s impressive. Nicely form fitted and works well. In terms of durability there’s nothing that suggests I should worry and I reckon it will still look as good as new in years to come. It’s one of those jerseys that makes you forget that you’re wearing it. With the heatwave apparently about to hit then it might well be a good go to hot weather jersey. Luckily I’m off to France, sadly it looks like I cannot squeeze the bike onto the bus. Boo.

Value wise I reckon the price is well justified. It has the pro level feel of that premium manufacturer who sell a pro team range. Indeed it reminds me a lot of a Rapha top. With a few more details and a much more reasonable price. If you want the pro aero look do go for your normal size though. Not only are Shutt back but they go straight to the top of the class.

Shutt Pro Bib Shorts


Like the jersey the retail price is once again £89.00 and that’s a pretty good price for something pitched at being premium/pro level. Once again I was supplied with the XL. Unlike the jersey while I might be able to size down here I don’t think that I would. They’re a properly good fit with great leg grippers and well sized with no awkward wrinkling.

There are a few points. These are one of those new fangled longer leg bibs coming to just above the knee (I’m not that tall mind). They’re not the longest I’ve tried but if you like a longer leg they are spot on. The mesh section comes quite a way up the belly rather than the low cut approach of the current Assos range. It’s pretty similar in height to the Redwhite bibs actually. I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat it, I prefer that. I prefer the security of it and I don’t believe that you are made any warmer by having that bit more material. Sometimes the old ways are the best. But much depends on your preferences.

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Once again there’s some nice detailing going on from the Shutt colour stripe to a pocket for your race radio at the rear.

The bibs are a traditional lightweight mesh rather than anything overly fancy but, yet again, they just work. I’ve questioned the need for a high tech approach in my Redwhite review and repeat that here. Indeed, I’ll repeat it on my forthcoming Redwhite “the bibs” review. The traditional mesh approach isn’t broken. It works particularly well. I do think, on balance, that I prefer it to all this laser cut shenanigans. Basically these are particularly comfy.

The lycra is great quality and made by Miti. The seams are all flatlocked and there’s no irritation. In common with the Chapeau and Lusso shorts I’ve tested this year the front section is constructed from a “groinal” panel in addition to the leg panels. I say this simply as a matter of design and can’t say that I’ve noted that any one method of construction is any better than any other.

The leg grippers are great, soft and keep everything where they need to be. They’re particularly well sized and just fit really well. That they match each other and the jersey is a great touch and, unlike some other combos, there’s no reason why you could only wear the jersey or shorts with each other due to that design.

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Of course you came here to read all about the pad. And it’s a great one.


There’s not an awful lot of information here other than it’s a custom multi density foam and gel pad. But it’s a good one. There was a bit of settling during the first 10 miles of my mountain climbing day but once bedded in it was a lovely thing to sit on. A few hundred miles later and it’s great. Everything sits where it should and it moulds well to your rear.

I’ve been lucky this year to test some really great bibshorts. And these are yet another pair that you really should have on your list. £89 is a damn good price for pro performance at, arguably, premium entry level cost. If you get the bundle you’re essentially looking at each item for £80 which is even better. I look forward to seeing what else Shutt add to their range in the coming months particularly in winter wear where they’ve really excelled at producing great value kit in the past. Welcome back Shutt Velo Rapide, we missed you.


2 thoughts on “Shutt Velo Rapide Pro Performance Jersey and Bibshorts, they’re back baby!

  1. Reading your reviews Chris, with a particular eye on bibs, I think it’s interesting to see the quality of the sub-Assos garments (if I can call them that).

    I think you’ve reviewed the RedWhite, Shutt VR, Tokyo Fixed, Chapeau, Lusso – there may be more. And they all seem to be of extremely high quality. I might think that if you had a favourite it might just about be the RedWhite but it’s certainly not a conclusive win for them. I really like Chapeau gear and was thinking about picking up one of their bibs, but perhaps it’s just a case of looking around in another few weeks at who has the best sale of summer gear! 🙂


    1. Nail on head. It’s interesting to see how far everyone else has come and, despite the high tech of Assos, I’m not sure it’s needed. You really can’t go wrong with any that I’ve tested and it’s sometimes quite hard to rationalise which is actually best. My Redwhite Bibs review will be up after hols. It may well be them…….


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