Aldi Bikemate front and rear lights

Be quick. No be very quick. These are going to sell out very quickly because, frankly, they are superb. More of that in a bit. Get off to your local Aldi immediately and nab some. They’re £12.99 each and, look, why are you still here? Have you gone yet?

Aldi don’t do cycling stuff as often as Lidl. About twice a year in fact. But when they do, boy do they go to town. But I can’t remember a range quite as extensive as this round with over 70 items to choose from. All your basic needs are there, cheap clothing, gloves, a bit of Muc Off. And there are some more expensive items such as a fluid turbo trainer (£69), bike stands etc. Oh, and the not insignificant matter of selling Garmin 810’s at £179.99. Beat that, well, everyone else. It’s not a fiction either, there were at least 3 in my local store, you might need to ask the manager as they’re generally in some glass cabinet with other exotic electronics.

But back to these lights. Aldi are selling a few different ones this time, from a £2.99 emergency button rear, a twinpack and separate front and rear strip lights. And, yes, for the observant amongst you they are Moon Nebula. I should probably put that in inverted commas or something. I don’t know if these are replicas or just OEM and made for Aldi, I suspect the latter, but for all intents and purposes they look the same. Hell, even the packaging appears to be the same. Context, both versions from Moon will typically set you back £35-£45. These then are just a bit cheaper……


So, what do you get? Well, the essential specifications are as follows:

Aldi Front Light

  • High brightness LED
  • 4 lighting modes and 4 flashing modes
  • Water resistant
  • Rechargeable battery with charging/low battery indicator
  • Micro-USB rechargeable cable
  • Universal brackets
  • Provides 240 lumens output

Aldi Rear Light

  • High brightness LED
  • 4 lighting modes and 4 flashing modes
  • Water resistant
  • Rechargeable battery with charging/low battery indicator
  • Micro-USB rechargeable cable
  • Universal brackets
  • Provides 100 lumens output

Both are, of course, rechargeable and report needing only 2 hours for a complete charge. Impressive. Run time? No idea. Between 10-20 hours it appears but, with a 2 hour charge time, it’s not much of an issue charging these every day. That will have an effect on battery longevity but, hey, £12.99.


Each light is equipped with a plethora of mounts. So, the first picture above shows the rear light attachments, a saddle clip, rubber band type mount (which is adaptable enough for seatposts and seat stays) and a belt clip. Yet another USB lead is supplied. The front, of course, does away with the saddle clip. Given that they seem to be Moon Nebula it’s pretty easy getting spare mounts and a wider variety as well. So I’ll be investing in the £4 helmet mount shortly to stick this at the back of my helmet.



The rear provides easy access to the charging port and the rubber fit is good meaning that these should stand up brilliantly in the wet. The body itself is aluminum and seems a pretty hardy affair. Charging is indicated by a flashing blue light which turns steady once fully charged. They arrive fully charged as well.

In use? Well, blinding. Don’t look at them. Of course you’ll need to make sure that you use them appropriately so as not to blind others. Operation is easy, just one switch to turn on, each press then escalates the lumens. Double switch and flash mode is engaged, each press then escalates the lumens. There are 4 solid settings, 3 flash settings and a strobe mode.


All pretty great but, you want to see some videos right? Well, here you go.


Overall? Brilliant. Let’s be clear, these won’t light the way (that comment being mostly directed at the front). But for getting you seen they are an absolute bargain. There’s nothing particularly smart about them but they’re a great addition to the winter cycling kit bag. They won’t be there long so grab some while you can. If you’re still reading this get on with it.



16 thoughts on “Aldi Bikemate front and rear lights

  1. Very nice back light and super bright to keep me visible during dark winter commutes. Just a shame that it only lasted 2-3 months. First of all it needed recharging every 3-4 days (30 minute commute) and now it only works when plugged in. What was worse it tended to cut out during a ride without showing the low battery indicator which is not only annoying but dangerous!
    Great value and I hope anyone else buying it has a better life out of it.


      1. My front light seems to have given up the fight. Got these in December 2016 and use them most evenings on my 20 minute commute home. Will be sending Aldi a message about the warranty today. I would happily purchase another one considering they are cheap compared the the moon equivalent that retails for over £50. Just a shame that Aldi only seems to stock items for a short period. So is always a pain if you want to purchase or exchange for a replacement a few weeks later.

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  2. Hello
    Just to add, to the above, got my front light about a month ago, really impressed with the value/performance factor, didn’t expect to match any branded one but so far is good fit for purpose, reasonable value for my winter reasonable valued bike, the first impression was quite high, however, with use you notice that the charge last only 3 days on a low dim flashing mode, ok just 2 hour charge isn’t that bad, waterproofing is good considering the typical winter Scottish weather, one thing that really annoys me is that the lovely metal plate to the front is getting rusty, not a big deal reading the above comments on which the lights have already failed…
    For me 3.5 stars out of 5, well done Aldi

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