dhb Aeron Lightweight Gilet

Wiggle have this reduced to £37.50 at the moment and that’s actually quite a bit of a bargain given that, even when it was at its RRP of £50, you could still make that case for it. The matching dhb aeron long sleeve isn’t quite as reduced. That’s a shame because, as we’ll go on to see later, this is quite a nice little autumn/spring clothing ‘system.’

As you know, I’m a very big fan of the dhb aeron range and wrote extensively about my experiences with the dhb aeron roubaix jersey earlier in the year. I’ve just picked up a new one in the black/star colourway and thought I’d treat myself to a lightweight gilet to go with it.

There are four colourways available in the roubaix jersey: black/green, navy/orange, all black and black/star. dhb have ensured that there’s a lightweight gilet to match so you can also have the green or orange variants or the black/star one here to match your black one. It’s a nice little detail so whatever colour you fancy, there’s something for you.

dhb state that the features of the gilet are as follows:

  • Lightweight, windproof and water resistant gilet (windslam material)
  • Mesh back panel for breathability
  • Full length, lock down YKK zip with chin guard
  • Side entry openings to access jersey pockets
  • Hi-visibility reflective detailing on rear seams
  • Wide silicone waist gripper to stop riding up

The size on the version I have is a large. In theory I should be a medium on the size chart (my chest is 39.5 or so) but the aeron range is quite racy, so I sized up and took the same size as in the aeron jersey. What’s quite important, given that the two are designed to work/look together is that the gilet is able to be comfortably worn over the top. And that’s the case here, it’s very slightly (and I mean very slightly) bigger than the jersey and the fit is therefore very complimentary between the two.


There’s nothing all that revolutionary about it. It’s a polyester based windproof front with a nice high collar and form fitting sleeve holes. Get the right size and you should get a really good fit indeed. The zip has a storm flap behind it to stop cold air filtering through. The arm hole are elasticated and ensure a good ‘seal’ with what’s underneath. It’s also a pretty smart piece in my view even if it’s lacking a bit of visibility given its all black nature.

The windslam fabric just doesn’t let any wind through. The chest and side seams aren’t sealed or taped but there doesn’t appear to be any ingress here either. There’s a zip garage on the top of the zip to stop any chafing. The collar isn’t lined but, of course, you’ll be wearing it with something else anyway.


Round the back we have a continuation of the windproof panels but the central strip is mesh to allow ventilation. So, to a certain extent there’s a great deal of water resistance due to the nature of the panels but water will get it at the back, of course. But then this is more a dry weather piece than a damp one. You’ll see that there are only a few reflectives present so a rear light is probably a wise choice in the daylight hours to complement it.

It’s the pockets that are of most interest on this piece in that, arguably, there are none. Instead you have side slits through which you put your hands to get to the pockets of your jersey. It’s polarising but, for me, it works very well. Indeed it works well with all my jerseys but it’s clearly been cut for matching the aeron one. You can see how they line up below.


Does that side flap create any aero problems? No. None at all in my use of it as the fit is excellent.

And when you partner the two up you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a one piece jacket such is the consistency of sizing between the two. The two match each other perfectly for length, there’s nothing worse than a gilet being shorter than the jersey it’s paired with.

There’s a nice wide rubber band at the back which prevents any slippage and ensures everything remains nicely in place. The shoulders are snug and don’t flap, the collars work very well together.


I’ve been using this without a base layer in temps around 8-12 degrees or so and with a lightweight base layer (from Craft) in temps for 4-8 degrees. There’s no windproofing in the sleeves of the aeron jersey so you’re protecting your core only with the gilet. And despite its diminutive weight it really does perform very well. It’s also stashable so you can treat this as a summer piece with arm warmers as well. It doesn’t compress down as some of the lighter offerings but, for me, it offers a good compromise. It’s roughly the size of a large ish phone with a bit more depth. And that’s fine.

In terms of price, this is a winner. £50 was a good price in my view and for £37.50 it’s an absolute steal. It’s not even a case of it being reduced to shift the last few items. It’s in stock in all colours from extra small up to extra extra large. For the price I honestly can’t think of anything that comes remotely close in terms of being effective, smart and comfortable. In terms of durability it’s well made and looks like it will last for ages. For me it’s one of the best spends of the year.

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