Chapeau jerseys 2017: the Tempo and the Club

I first reviewed a selection of Chapeau kit last year and was impressed. That continued to be the case when I looked at their winter thermal jersey. They’ve refreshed their range of jerseys for 2017 and I reckon they’ve come up with a winning selection of kit.

In fact, I think that they’ve a long way in a short space of time. I was walking through a Cycle Surgery branch the other day and came across some of their jerseys from two or three years ago. They were well made, subtly styled but perhaps a little plain. Last year’s jerseys were a big improvement to something more memorable. But, I have to say, with this years refresh I think they’ve hit upon something which cements a little bit of individuality in a crowded market.

In terms of jerseys I’ve been wearing the Tempo and Club jerseys. But there’s also a new Etape jersey for those ‘special days.’ You can take a look at that here. I reckon if I were doing something like the Etape or Marmotte this year, that might be just the thing. But let’s get back to the other two.

The Tempo Jersey (RRP £49.99)


The Tempo is available in a staggering 9 colourways! Three striped, three plain and three patterned. So there’s something for all tastes there. I opted for a medium on my 39.5″ chest as the cut of the Tempo is a little more relaxed overall. But you still get a nice fit from it.

It’s a pretty straightforward jersey overall but don’t think that means run of the mill. It’s constructed entirely of polyester and the overall effect is of a nice, meshy, airiness. It has a top quality zip and the cut is very good. So you don’t get any sagging or bulging. It wicks well, dries quickly and washes very well too. It might be simple but it’s well executed.


The back continues the diagonal stripe theme over the three individual pockets. They’re reinforced inside and sufficiently deep for most kit. My Galaxy S7 Edge fits in the middle pocket with no issues at all. They’re elasticated at the top too so everything you carry should be held with some security.


The waistband is pretty straightforward and works very well. For the price this is a really good jersey. It’s well made, comfortable and very good at the price. The fact that there are 9 different styles is a real plus so there should be something for you to choose from.

Chapeau Club Jersey (RRP £69.99)


On the face of it the Club jersey doesn’t seem all that different. There are horizontal stripes instead of the diagonal ones on the club. The club ‘only’ comes in five different colourways. All are striped and there are no plain versions this time. But there’s a colour for all tastes too including a rather nice looking grey version.

The main part of the jersey is, again, polyester. But it’s the arms of the Club jersey that get a little more interesting.


They’re essentially a very thin piece of lycra type material and they are super stretchy. The arm length is mid long which is very on message right now. It’s among the most comfortable sleeves I think I’ve worn on a jersey. So I used this one on a recent 110 mile charity ride and it performed brilliantly. I particularly like the striped branding on the sleeves and that changes according to the main colourway.


The back is essentially the same construction as that on the club jersey. The stripes only appear on one pocket. If I were being super critical it would be nice to see the stripes continued around the back (from the chest) or along the pockets as a whole.

In terms of sizing the club is cut a little tighter than the tempo so I went up to a size large. They are all sufficiently stretchy but, with this colour, I found that the medium changed colour ever so slightly when fully stretched,  whereas the still close racy fit of the large had no such issues.

The club has fast become one of my go to jerseys simply because it does what it says on the tin. It looks good and feels good. It’s very reasonably priced and those sleeves are outstanding.

It’s great to see Chapeau developing as a stylish and good value brand. If you’re a lady reading this too I’d urge you to have a look at their women’s collection which is, arguably, even more stylish than the men’s collection! Hats off to them.

One thought on “Chapeau jerseys 2017: the Tempo and the Club

  1. Excellent review, and photography, as ever. I don’t have any Chapeau products but I am tempted by the Tempo range, cut as it seems to be for the not so skinny amongst us. Even better, there is a plain colour range, although the red looks drab compared to your photographs. Well priced too.

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