Craft Verve Glow Jersey

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It’s been hot. Then not. Then a bit hot. Today was resolutely not. Changeable in a way that only the British ‘summer’ appears to be. Next week looks nice.

And when it’s hot it’s nice to have a selection of hot weather jerseys to go to. And the Craft Verve Glow jersey is a quite brilliant addition to the other jerseys I’ve been looking at this summer, all at a very reasonable price indeed.

There’s probably not a lot of magic to making a warm weather jersey. Make it light. But certain choices have certain outcomes. The Craft Verve jersey is well thought out and has a number of quite excellent details that mark it out as being a bit special. It’s not just a good warm weather jersey either. It would make a good aero jersey, it would make a good climber’s jersey. If you’re going off to the Etape or Marmotte I’d really recommend taking a good close look at this.

Let’s start with the RRP. £60. That falls somewhere between budget and premium but given the number of technical features, I’m happy to call this budget premium, i.e. you’re getting a lot for your money. Size wise, take your pick. It looks fairly small in my pics but that’s a good race fit for a 39″ chest and is a medium. If you fancy it slightly looser, size up. In that respect Craft’s guide is pretty much spot on.


It’s a nice understated jersey in my view. It’s available in blue, orange or black. The zip is good quality, the neck mid high, the arms mid length and it’s very light indeed. But it’s when you take a closer look at stuff that you really get an idea of the nature of the construction.


So, we’ve got a combination of things going on. A lightweight front panel, a very meshy and lightweight underarm panel and a lycra esque sleeve with comfy terminations. And it works. It’s super breathable and those underarm sections really do ventilate very well. I’ve come to be a big fan of the lycra esque sleeve on both the Chapeau and Rivelo jerseys that I’ve recently reviewed and we have another winner in that respect here.

And, Glow jersey? Well, take a look for yourself. That reflectivity is repeated round the back of course. It’s useful, it’s dramatic. I guess you might ask what value it adds given the intended nature of the jersey. Well, why not. If you’re caught out late on a balmy summer evening it’s just the sort of extra detailing that might keep you safe. And when it doesn’t glow it’s still a nice contrasting feature.


Neat little design touches flourish elsewhere too, the embossed Craft logo being both subtle but adding that little something. The quality is good, the stitching first rate.


The waist section is your traditional silicone band, and none the worse for it. The length of the jersey overall is normal, it won’t ride above your shorts when standing, doesn’t bulge when riding.


Round the back? Three good sized pockets (with reinforcement), a tidy little zipped central one, and that reflective detailing again.


This is a very good jersey. It’s a spot on fit, it ventilates very well indeed. And I think it’s a bit of a bargain overall. Given the colour choices you could easily stock up on another two and rotate then on the warmest days. Those scandinavians eh, they do the winter stuff brilliantly and really get the summer market too.

Next week I’ll be rounding up my summer Craft reviews with a look at their windproof lightweight jacket and a pair of their bibshorts.


5 thoughts on “Craft Verve Glow Jersey

  1. Ribble black only – not for me. Leisure Lakes – out of stock blue XL and XXL (not sure which I would be). Oh well, thanks for the pointers.


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