Craft Featherlight Jacket

That’s a Mac keyboard, And that jacket right there, rolled, up, occupies about half its length. The Mac keyboard is very small. There are other jackets that pack up perhaps a little smaller but we’re talking one of the smallest footprints around. And featherlight? Well, hyperbole naturally, but, all told, 99g. And that’s next to nothing in terms of volume and weight.

RRP is £50. Which is pretty good for a lightweight windstopper from a premium brand. Though, of course, it is hard to get your head round paying so ‘much’ for something that weighs so little. Flip that around, and we know that those weight weenies will pay a considerable amount to save weight, so that doesn’t really figure. What matters is whether it works.

It’s a pretty straightforward jacket in terms of construction and concept, so 100% polyester with a DWR treatment. It’s not waterproof, just water resistant. So you might ask, why not pay a similar amount for a budget rain jacket? Well, yes, if it’s going to be raining and cold. But that rather misses the point of this. This is for those cool days for an extra layer which you can remove. It does rain showers. It keeps the wind off and it’s generally pretty breathable. And you can stow it away when you no longer need it.

Mine is a large which Craft say is good for 41 inches or so. That’s about right. You could probably get away with sizing slightly down if you’re on the margins. But even with a large there’s little flap.


For a start it’s very orange indeed. There’s also a fluoro yellow and a black version too. Each of them has quite a lot of reflective silver trim so the black version will be equally visible to the others in a car’s headlights. Even in bright daylight the camera flash picks up those details below.


The zip is good, the waist duties taken up by a simple thin elastic material. Those same terminations deal with the wrists.


The neck merits a mention. It’s micro fleece lined. That’s something that’s often omitted on cheaper equivalents. When you get damp it’s important to keep chafing to a minimum.


While polyster itself tends to be pretty waterproof the real reason for the lack of any water proof claim is in the mesh sections on the side of the body and the back of the sleeves. These inserts aim for maximum breathability and they work very well. It’s still possible to get a little bit of moisture build up on the inside if it’s damp outside and you’re working hard, but it’s kept to a minimum.


Round the back there’s more reflective detailing and one single rear pocket. That rear pocket doesn’t store very much but it’s not really intended to carrying stuff per se. It’s primary purpose is storing itself, so the entire jacket folds in then you pull the elastic tab to seal it all in.


And that’s the result. Which is small enough to store in a jersey pocket and it will also fit pretty easily in a storage bidon too. You could even wedge it under a seat if you wanted to.

It’s a good piece of kit. It’s well priced, visible and works exactly as advertised. It’s good for cool mornings. It’s good for days when showers threaten and it stows away very easily indeed. It’s well priced against the competition and it fits really well. It’s a very useful addition to the wardrobe. Recommended.

There are a few good places to buy this one:

  • For the orange and black click here
  • There are some limited (cheap) sizes of the yellow here

One thought on “Craft Featherlight Jacket

  1. Does Craft do a more waterproof version Chris?
    I really like Craft gear and would be very interested in a lightweight, highly packable, waterproof


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