SunGod Pacebreakers : Part 2


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Ok, so following on from my initial review of the quite excellent SunGod Pacebreakers I decided to buy another set of frames (and lenses) along with the high vis blue lens to see what that would be like for autumnal riding. If you’ve been riding in the UK this week you’ll know that it’s been a pretty good week to test that sort of thing.

First, let’s deal with the newbies. I fancied adding some black frames to my existing white ones and, if I’m being honest, they actually suit by otherwise white Giro Synthe pretty well, arguably better than the white ones. They’ll also go better with my cheap Giro Foray when doing stuff like CX.

They’re this design here: Black and Orange Pacebreakers


And they’re really nice. There’s not much to add to the original review here. The fit is the same, that is to say excellent. I’ve been using them for a few weeks now (these and the originals) and there are just no issues. They’re very comfortable, the fit is excellent. A mate who has a Kask helmet, with which fitting Oakley glasses has often proved tricky, reports that the SunGods fit perfectly. So there should be a wide range of compatibility.


I opted for non polarised for this set with white logos and earsocks. The latter might start to show a bit of dirt in due course but should be pretty easy to wipe clean. They’re a nice contrast to the frame overall. The lenses are 11% VLT so cut down a little more than the green ones on my original set. These are for the lightest sunny days, needless to say they are outstanding.


Head on they’re arguably a meaner looking lens than the green 4KO version but much of that is down to choice. The price was £60 which is a bargain. Indeed, so impressed am I with these that my Oakley Jawbreakers got stuck on ebay.


Click here to customise a high vis blue version

But it’s the high vis blue I guess you came to read about. That lens is available for a mere £30 and it’s a truly versatile addition. The high vis versions transmit 44% of visible light. SunGod say that this is the lens for flat light days. It’s actually a yellow lens with a blue tint and you can just about make that blue tint out in the photographs. These are taken without a flash.

Changing the lens was a piece of cake and full instructions are given. It’s a two hand operation but it won’t take you more than about 30 seconds to do.



It’s quite hard taking a picture of how a lens changes the environment, but I’ve had a bash by sticking my camera behind. Obviously the top half of the picture is the lens, the bottom half without.


I used these for the first time on a commute which had it all. A bit of flat light in the morning which quickly turned to sunshine with wet, reflective roads. A bit of cloud on the way home where the sun threatened to come out and then, a few miles from home, full on blackness with driving rain. These are conditions where a darker lens is getting chucked in the jersey pocket.

The high vis blue is excellent. In some ways you don’t really realise just how good it is until you take them off and the world returns to drabness. Despite being 44% VLT compared to the 89% VLT of the clear lens (which you can get for £20) it’s likely that you can use the high vis blue in conditions at least up to dusk and just after sunrise. So it should be an excellent lens for the winter/autumn (or year as we like to call it in the UK) and, if you’re commuting and have real light differences at the start and end of the day, these are essential IMO. Remember that you still have that lifetime guarantee from SunGod (save for lens scratches).

Impressive, if you’re starting from scratch then my view would be to spec up a frame of your choice with a dark lens and add the high vis one to the basket. Fully recommended. I suspect these will be my go to lenses for the rest of the year including for cyclocross.

There are some links below of already customised versions which may appeal to you. Click on each of the underlined links to buy.

Black and Red


Carbon Fibre


Black and Pink





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