RedWhite : The Jersey

RedWhite are no longer the bibshort company, they’ve diversified. So, now, there are jerseys and base layers. They’re very much still a ‘summer’ company though, but there may well be more winter stuff on the way in the future.

The Jersey has been through a huge amount of warm weather testing, going through quite a few iterations and variations before arriving at the final product. And this is very much a warm weather jersey, a climbing jersey and an aero jersey (in my view all race fit jerseys are much of a muchness in this regard).

Testing a summer jersey in the Autumn and Winter months is not easy. So, I’ve tried to replicate how it might feel if it were high summer. That means indoor wear, turbo training, gym training etc. It’s not actually that bad a barometer. Because, essentially, what you want is something that keeps you cool and wicks away moisture effectively. That has been a limitation in testing, but I’m very familiar with what works and am confident that come high summer in the mountains this jersey will be as good as anything else.

There is some bad news. If you’re bigger than me, so that’s 85kg and a 39.5″ chest you’re pretty much out of luck. The XL I have on test is for those who are around 104cm chest (40.9 inches) but I’d say it’s slightly smaller than that (depending on your waist etc). I toyed with the large but the fit on mine is very race fit. Come summer it will be marginally looser but will be as aero and tailored still. If you’re looking for a larger jersey, this isn’t for you. But if you’re a racing snake or whippet, fond of climbing the longer Cols, this should definitely be on your shopping list.

The Jersey is available in Six Colourways so there should be something for everyone. 4 of the six have ‘contrasting’ sleeves, the black and white versions are all one colour. The price is very good, being £60 a jersey. Pigeon holing it is quite difficult. It’s certainly premium made, with an excellent choice of fabric. It doesn’t necessarily have the detailing of a high end climber’/aero jersey but is any of that stuff really necessary? It’s a stripped back, summer jersey that’s put together very well indeed. There are three base layers available in the same type of design and getting one to be ‘invisible’ is therefore easy. Sign up and you can get some member discount, buy a bundle with the excellent bibs and you can save a bit more. This is an excellent value product. In fact, get a jersey and bib bundle and not only do you save some money overall you get a free (£30) base layer.


The fabric is a lightweight mesh. Up close you can see how effective the ‘holes’ in the fabric are. There’s flatlock stitching all around and a complete absence of care labels (care being printed on the neck instead). So there’s nothing to irritate of chafe.


The sleeves are fairly simple overall with no grippers. They’re a mid length I guess, coming to just above the elbow. I don’t personally like the trend towards actual elbow sleeves to these tread the right side of the line. Again, there is flatlock stitching at the sleeves for comfort.


The zipper is actually a bit bigger than you’d find on similar jerseys and, I have to say, that’s a good thing. This one is robust, will last ages and is easy to mess around with on the fly. The oversize gripper finds its way easily into your hand. The neck section is reasonably tight when done up and there’s no flapping if you’ve selected the correct size.


Waist duties are taken care of by a strip of silicone all round and there’s no movement at all.


The rear has all the same material as the front, which extends to the pockets as well. There are three, the central one of each colourway having the long ride logo on there. They’re deep too, with no tapering, so each of them will comfortably store a Samsung Galaxy S8 plus with no overlap. There’s no sagging either as the central strip across the top is strong and keeps everything in order. In use it wicks very well indeed and dries out again in minutes given the right conditions. This isn’t a bad weather jersey. This is about high summer, high mountains and moving quickly. It’s not a cafe stop jersey, but you could ride slowly and nicely in it.

So, the bibshort company has become the summer outfit company and, on this evidence, they’ve done very well indeed. It’s a great value jersey for the hot summer days. It will, of course, be visiting the Cols next summer with me on my Marmotte adventure. As long as we get a good day, it should be just the job.





3 thoughts on “RedWhite : The Jersey

  1. Where are the posing pictures on your torso? 😉

    For their first endeavor in jerseydom, I think they did a decent job. The styling is subdued but acceptable. The zipper thing is my pet peeve…you need to be able to zip down or up with one hand. May not be the lightest or the most stealth zipper, but if it works, then I’m all in.
    Thanks for the review!

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  2. Is comfortable and light and a good fit for my ectomorphic frame. I like the longer sleeves that help reduce sun on my shoulders on hot days


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