Click here to buy the Coombe Rucksack from Rivelo

Obviously, I won’t be writing TOO many words here. It’s a rucksack, and a very good one indeed in my view. It’s certainly more commuter than tourer. One of my colleagues noted that it was a bit ‘City’ and incongruous with my Assos kit. That’s fair. It would be better with my new Giro Republic knit (review soon) some cargo shorts and a loose fitting t-shirt. But it’s not summer just yet.

The Coombe Rucksack is available at Sport Pursuit only because Rivelo is a Sport Pursuit brand. It’s a very good range overall and there’s a lot to like about the brand. Each of the items I’ve bought are still going strong, in particular their Headley 3/4 knicks which I have abused in my CX winter sessions.

The RRP of the Coombe is, depending on your POV, an eye watering £100. It’s not really intended to compete against your basic rucksack, or your more sporty Deuter. I guess the closest competitors are things like the Restrap or Alpkit range. Indeed, compared to the 19 litre Restrap Sub with its internal laptop department, the Coombe does look more than a little over priced. Thing is, Sport Pursuit pricing is a little variable and very often these things are on offer at a quite substantial ‘discount.’ I’d amassed £10 worth of referrals, the bag was priced at £29, so I nabbed mine for £19. At that price I honestly can’t think of anything better. So, let’s have a look.

Rivelo say the following:

Whether it’s commuting to work or travelling to a weekend race or sportive, this seam welded dry rucksack will keep your kit dry no matter what the weather throws at you! Fully adjustable straps, reflective details for visibility and a zip pocket for essentials.

Also, an additional phone/card case, that can be attached to the rucksack straps for easy access, and a separate 10L dry sack included so you can keep your wet & dry clothes separate – this bag has got it all!


  • Welded seams for a fully waterproof rucksack
  • 18L size
  • Adjustable straps for comfort and secure fit on the bike
  • Padded back system & straps, with mesh for breathability
  • Reflective bike light tab
  • Reflective trims on straps, for forward traffic visibility
  • Roll top closure for maximum capacity & secure waterproofing
  • Large Rivelo logo & stripe for added contrast and visibility
  • External waterproof zip pocket for easy access to small essentials
  • 10L dry sack included – keep your wet & dry kit separate
  • Water resistant zip wallet/phone/card case included, which can be attached to rucksack straps for easy access, or stored in your jersey pocket when you’re not using the rucksack



The rucksack is a kind of denim effect. They did do some alternate colourways but those appear to be discontinued. It’s quite lightweight, coming in at a shade above 550g. The surface is entirely waterproof and water will just run off it. The interior coating is rubberised so nothing is getting through. It’s worth noting, of course, that being waterproof, water isn’t getting out either, so make sure that the roll top is done up securely to prevent any ingress. There’s a strap at the bottom to hang a light and there’s a small reflective tab. The upper zipped pocket will take a wallet, some keys or a small phone but don’t expect to get too much in there. A separate phone holder is supplied (see pics below) but it won’t really take the biggest of phones. It’s also pretty useful for keys, money etc and you could easily whip it off and store it in a jersey pocket if you were leaving the content of the rucksack somewhere temporarily. The 18 litres feels about right, you can adjust the amount of roll top with the straps. I can comfortably get a load of work kit into it.


Because it’s waterproof Rivelo also supply a dry bag to go inside. It’s doesn’t feel quite as voluminous as the body of the main bag but it clasps shut and it pretty good for sticking wet kit or shoes in.


The rear of the bag is well constructed with some nice comfortable padding on the straps. There’s the addition of a back pad/structure on the rear to keep the main body of the back off your back. That cuts down the sweatiness that you get on a lot of rucksacks. It’s as good, in my view, as the more expensive Deuter race sack that I have a few years back. There are some nice reflective tabs and an upper chest strap to keep everything in place.


The straps are, of course, adjustable and the entire bag sits quite high on your bag. That makes getting to your rear pockets a little easier than usual. Although it sits a little high it still doesn’t interfere with the back of your neck or catch on your helmet. There’s no waist strap but I’m not overly fond of them in any event.


Finally, here’s that little phone holder.


It’s a very good bag. There’s no doubt about that. The only current issue is that price. It’s competing against some very trendy counterparts who have, arguably, more features about them. It lacks internal storage and is a little overpriced on that basis. It is absolute quality and should last for a very long time indeed. At the reduced price I can’t think of anything better. It suits my circumstances very well and will do until I order my Brompton. Yes, you read that right. A change is coming.

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