The May mini roundup : SunGod and Silca

I’ve built up quite the collection of SunGod sunglasses now. The latest additions are a pair of Renegades for me and some Classics for the wife. They really are exceptional. They’re running a competition at the moment to let you win a pair of your choice, if you’d like to enter that then click here. You can customise all of SunGod’s ranges so if you fancy some Pacebreakers, Classics or Renegades then click through here and play away!

SunGod Renegades


With the Renegades you get to choose from 6 frame colour options, 6 lenses (12 if you count polarisation) and 8 SunGod icons. Unlike the Classics, more of them later, you can only customise your whole frame choice so you can’t get contrasting arms. I’ve owned a pair of Classics (the Going for Gold LE) since the last Olympic Games and they are still going strong, but I fancied some Renegades to add to the collection. If you’d like to get the same version the click on this link

You get all the usual SunGod features so:

  • 4KO polycarbonate high definition lenses
  • Triple layer scratch resistance
  • Adventureproof Flexible frame
  • Lifetime guarantee, so if you do snap them, they will replace them for free
  • 100% UV protection
  • Ability to buy new lenses and swap them out easily
  • Anti reflective inner lens coating
  • Secure steel hinges
  • Supplied with microfibre cleaning cloth

Pricing is pretty straightforward, for both the Classic and Renegade, £45 for the base lens, £65 for the polarised option. On this occasion I’ve plumped for the black tortoiseshell with polarised lenses. Being a summer lens, light transmission levels are broadly similar, you can play with how a lens will look on the website too.

4KO Smoke 14% Neutral base
4KO Purple 14% Neutral base
4KO Green 12% Neutral base
4KO Blue 11% Yellow enhancing tint
4KO Red 11% Neutral base
4KO Orange 11% Warm brown base


I took ages to decide whether the black tortoiseshell would work and then ages figuring out which lens to partner it with. Of course, if I bore of the colour purple in due course then replacement lenses are easy to get. Overall I’m pretty pleased with this design.

IMG_20180521_150004_282 Quality is excellent. I’ve been using the old classics for years and never had any issue with the hinge pins. There’s no reason to expect any slackage to turn up here either.


It’s all presented nicely too. Overall, these are great. They’re exceptionally comfortable, which is the most important thing. The lenses are high quality and provided you take care of them they should last for ages. I like them so much I reckon I’ll be adding another pair to the collection very soon.

SunGod Classics

So, my wife wanted a new pair of sunglasses and, as you’d expect, I steered here in the direction of SunGod. The Classics are arguably more unisex than the Renegades but that’s a matter of opinion, of course. Again, if you’d like a pair then click on this link

Again, the Classics are customisable. This time you have 12 colour options and the same for the arms. You can mix and match too should you want something unique and/or outlandish. You then have 7 lens colour options, with a couple being different to the Renegades. The only thing you can’t do is to change the colour of the SunGod icons. Everything else is as before.

She plumped for the brown tortoiseshell with brown lenses. I have to say, the brown base makes the world take on a very relaxing feel.


4KO Smoke 14% Neutral base
4KO Pink 14% Neutral base
4KO Green 12% Neutral base
4KO Blue 11% Yellow enhancing tint
4KO Grey 11% Neutral base
4KO Orange 11% Warm brown base
4KO Brown 11%  Warm brown base


There’s not a lot more to say really. They’re superbly comfortable, and great looking. At £45 for the base lens version I reckon they’re also something of a bargain given the quality and the backup. Buy with confidence.

Silca Seat Roll Premio

Continuing with the premium theme this month, how about a premium seat bag?


Silca are the very definition of premium, their track pumps, tools and bags being both things of beauty but also pieces of art. A Silca track pump will, I guarantee you, be the only track pump you’d ever need. It wouldn’t look out of place in an art museum either.  And torque wrench kit? Well, just look at it.

But I digress. I’ve never really found a seat bag I’m happy with. Most look like they belong on something where style is a non issue. Perhaps that’s right but why ruin the aesthetic of something that has to be just so. Some look ok, the Fizik bags for example, but they’re still imperfect and not always up to the job. Some rub away at your shorts. The Silca is none of these things and all about style and utility.

First the kicker. It’s £48. Premium commanding quite the premium. But before you wander off, let’s see what you get for that money.


It’s actually quite a unique proposition. Instead of velcro securing it to your seat rails, you get a Boa. Obviously that adds to the cost. The thing is, I defy you to ever get a bag to stick quite so limpet like in place as you will with this thing. Run the strap over the rails, secure the other side, wind the ratchet up and it ain’t ever coming off. To release, just pull the boa out and let it unwind. It’s a piece of cake. It’s not quite as easy as moving a bag with a receptacle from bike to bike but the sheer usability of the thing means you don’t worry.


In terms of capacity it’s as good as most medium sized bags out there. If you want to get more in, the £62 Grand Americano is the same but bigger. Or, if you want real space, the £48 Silca Seat Capsule (which will be going with me on the Marmotte) will really swallow up some stuff.


But the Seat Roll Premio is no slouch, easily taking a 25c tube, two levers, Co2 capsule and 2 Co2 catridges in its stride with still more space for a few things.


The strong hand sewn canvass then easily folds over the top. It takes a bit of practice but it secures everything in place. It’s also pretty much waterproof too and easy to keep clean. Above all it’s just so rock solid in use. There’s no rattle from the occupants of the bag at all. It you’re doing some off road or gravel riding that’s particularly welcome. The fact that it looks so damn good is a welcome bonus.


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