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First, I got fat. After that realisation I did a bit of running. And got thin. But running is boring. And the kit isn’t all that sexy. So I tried a bit of cycling. Specifically to get to work. I was told this was dangerous. But I did it anyway. I’m still doing it 9 years later. 20 miles or so each way, most days.

I’ve worn a lot of kit over the years because I’ve bought a lot. And sold a lot. I’m good at cycling and recycling. In this blog I am reviewing the gear I’ve bought and owned and a lot of other stuff that manufacturers have given me to review. Generally I get to keep clothing kit where it’s provided for review, purely for hygiene reasons. The bigger ticket stuff tends to get returned but I will always try and point out what happens with it. Although it’s nice getting new kit my reviews will always aim to be fair and to point out any issues with the kit I review.

There’s no methodology per se. Indeed, much of what I write is very positive. I do believe that much of the kit that’s produced now is very good. Some kit is better than others. I’ll point out the flaws where I see them. I don’t believe in star ratings. I find them a little arbitrary. I believe in telling you how I get on with the things that I use or wear. Occasionally there’ll be a foray into the odd social or political piece. Some of the kit I own and have paid for. Others have been given to me for the purposes of a review.

In my spare time I am a lawyer, husband and father of 4. So we own a very big van. I hope that my cycling goes someway to offsetting my carbon cost.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi

    Great site love the reviews

    How do you think the Fulcrum Racing 5 LG Disc Brake Wheelset (QR 6-Bolt) would go,in the dirt ?

    I have a dirty grand fondo I am doing here in Australia. I commute on them but would appreciate your thoughts

    Look forward to your response



    1. No reason why they shouldn’t be fine. They’re very strong so the only issue will be spoke count. As long as you’re reasonably light they should always be fine. Good seals generally on Fulcrum so the dirt won’t get it. I like them a lot.


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